Stockholm Night Knitters


A while back, I was looking around for some good knitting groups in Stockholm, but all I could find seemed to have mostly 70+ ladies or were not active at all. Then I stumbled across a post by Sweaterspotter/Anna Malz on Instagram, she had just been visiting Stockholm and had spent a night with Stockholm Night Knitters. I was beyond excitement when I realised there was a group that met after work hours and seemed to not just consist of old ladies. Unfortunately the group only met every 3 weeks at that point (now every 2 weeks) so I anxiously had to wait for 3 weeks until I could join them. But it was worth the wait, because this is a group of such amazing and sweet people that I’m really grateful to have met.

The group is rather young for a knitting group, the age range is between 19 and probably 55+ with the occasional lady above that (ok, I suck at determining people’s age), but with an average age of about 35. It’s a very mixed group as well, and that’s what’s so great with knitting in general – all kinds of people showing up to knit together without prejudice and everyone includes each other. I’ve had a rough period for a while, and this group has been a waterhole for me when I didn’t feel like getting out the door at all.

Some people in the group are more or less knitting pros or designers, some have just started out with their knitting life and have a crazy learning curve where you can see them develop from week to week. Some only knit shawls, others make intricate Shetland/Fair Isle colorwork or anything in between. Some do the occasional crochet or needle binding. A few times it’s turned out that half of the group have been knitting from the same pattern – one mitten pattern in particular where the group showcased about 6-7 different versions in all different colors.

The group has been in place for about a year and a half, and sometimes there are only a few people. But the past few months since the rumour has been spreading, there have been so many people that we didn’t even fit around our regular table (which means about 30ish people over the course of the night).

The group meets every second Thursday (odd weeks) at Espresso House in the basement of Konserthuset by Hötorget, and although the official time is 7pm/19.00 there are pretty much always someone there from 5pm/17.00. Usually there are people there until 9.30ish/21.30 but people come and go and some just stay for an hour or so.


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  1. Ser mysigt ut, tråkigt bara att åldersfrågan finns, men samtidigt ärligt så att de av oss äldre än 55 inte ska komma dit. Kan nog kännas svårt att vara för ung för en grupp, men också svårt att när man passerat 55/60/65/70 känna att man inte platsar. Ser man på Ravelrys amerikanska stickgruppper som träffas på stan är åldersfrågan en icke-fråga.


    1. Hej Anne! Personer som är över 55 är också väldigt välkomna, men å andra sidan finns det väldigt många grupper redan där ålderssnittet är betydligt högre och dessutom träffas dagtid vilket gör att det inte känns lika intressant för mig och flera andra. Jag tycker att det är väldigt roligt med en blandad kompott, men för mig som är 30 gör det ganska mycket ifråga om känslan av tillhörighet om gruppens medelålder är 35 eller 55+.


  2. Trevligt att läsa att det finns många grupper på dagtid inne i Stockholms city, uppskattar om du kunde ange vilka då jag inte hittat någon citygrupp, förutom den ni har på den perfekta platsen Konserthuset. Ha en bra stickvecka.


    1. Är du med i gruppen Stickklubben Stockholm på Facebook? Där brukar det läggas ut info om de flesta stickgrupperna. Jag vet inte vart jag påstår att det skulle finns många grupper i Stockholm city, övriga grupper träffas väl inte lika centralt som Sthlm Night Knitters, men det har ju funnits på Nordiska muséet, Ekens garn (hur det blir där nu vet jag inte), och sen i Älvsjö, Sumpan, Fruängen osv.


    1. Det är bara att dyka upp! :) Det är väldigt trevligt! För att hålla koll på datum etc så kan du gå med i en grupp på Ravelry som heter Stockholm Night Knitters. Vi brukar också påminna i en FB-grupp som heter Stickklubben Stockholm. :)


  3. Hey! Do you know if the Night Knitters have a website? I’m trying to find out if they’re meeting 12th May 16?


    1. Hi Daniel,
      We don’t have a website, but there’s a group on Ravelry and one on Facebook that posts about the coming meetups. The next regular one is next week and since we usualle meet every second Thursday you can check the calendar. :) Sometimes we meet other weeks as well. Are you in town only that week?


      1. Thanks Linnah, we’re only in Stockholm 12 -16 May (for a surprise Wedding anniversary trip with my wife, who knits). She lived in Stockholm for 4 years and I’d love her to be able to knit and socialise as part of the trip. If you know any good yarn shops or other fun knitting activities in Stockholm I would be grateful. A link to the Facebook group would be useful too :)


      2. How fun! The facebook group is here: and you could also check out this group for some other knitting events:

        As for yarn shops, I would recommend Litet Nystan on St Paulsgatan close to Slussen. There’s also a small one in the old town, Makeri 14. If you have a car and will be driving around at all, it might be worth going to the spinning mill Solkustens Spinnverkstad that has lovely local yarn, it’s about 2 hours north of Stockholm. There’s another mill at about the same distance south of Stockholm, Båvens spinnhus. Also Östergötlands ullspinneri. They all carry great local yarns! You can just google them for websites.


      3. Just the 12th to 16th May (for our wedding anniversary). Jenny knits and spent er teend in Stockholm, I’d love to take her to the Night Knitters as a surprise. If you can recommend any good knitting shops that would also be great


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