Here are some useful techniques in case you need to look them up when knitting my patterns.

Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off

Right-leaning invisible increase (rlinc)/högerlutande ökning (hlök):

Left-leaning invisible increase (llinc)/vänsterlutande ökning (vlök):

Knit 2 together (k2tog):

Slip slip knit (ssk)/Lyft lyft sticka (LLS):

Yarn over (yo)/Omslag (omsl):

Knit 3 together (k3tog)/3 tillsammans (3tills):

Centered double decrease (sl2k1psso)/Centrerad dubbelminskning (cdm):

Knit through back loop (ktbl)/Rät maska genom bakre maskbågen:

Slip 1 with yarn in front (sl1wyif)/Lyft 1 med garnet framför (l1gf):

Knitted cast-on (casting on stitches in the middle of the work)

I-cord bind-off

German twisted cast-on

German short-rows/German wrap

Invisible provisional cast-on