The past few nights have been absolutely mental! Some people have posted their Aeria projects in different Facebook groups, and I also published Bukett on Tuesday. ”Viral” is not the right word, but boy has it been crazy! I’ve sold more patterns this month than pretty much all of 2018?! It’s a bit overwhelming actually, but I’m eternally grateful for your interest in my design!

So here’s Bukett, the third in the leaf series. Like Aeria and Karamella, it is knit in garter stitch all over, with short-rows that create the bouquet.

It is knit in lovely Swedish finewool yarn from Östergötlands ullspinneri, a family run mill that produces the most gorgeous rainbow gradient yarn among other things. The yarn is also really soft, and works even for the most sensitive person.

Bukett is available on Ravelry.


3 reaktioner till “Bukett”

  1. Hi there, I bought Bukett and started with it happily. However, I am confused. Starting with the short rows,rs k64, w&t, k2 ?
    My mind is just stuck, because after the w&t, this goes to ws. And then rs k62, w&t, k4.
    Is there a video that you could refer me to, or a clearer explanation of how to do this exquisite shawl? Many thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Linette, could it be that you’ve mistaken R2 (WS) for K2? If you look at Leaf 1, it starts with ”R1 (RS): K64, w&t”. Then comes ”R2 (ws): K.” right after, meaning that this is actually a new row where you knit back to the edge. I understand that this could be confusing, the reason they’re placed on the same row in the pattern is just to save space on the paper.


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