Pony days

Yesterday was such a lovely sunny day and since we have an extended weekend this week we took the opportunity to go for a looong carriage drive around Södertälje. The girls and the ponies were amazing, everyone was happy and giggly and the ponies were such champs doing everything we asked of them even though… Fortsätt läsa Pony days


This past Wednesday I published another new shawl pattern, Neptuna. The design process can vary greatly. Sometimes I really have to dig in my mind to find the idea I'm looking for, sometimes the yarn inspires the project - and sometimes, it just happens. Back in November I was going to knit night in our… Fortsätt läsa Neptuna


This week has been intense - not just because I've been finalizing my new pattern, but also because I've been in the covid/crisis task force at work, while also expecting my new foal any day now (due this past Friday!). But I finally finished my new pattern, Rabatt - and that also kicked off my… Fortsätt läsa Rabatt