This past Wednesday I published another new shawl pattern, Neptuna.

The design process can vary greatly. Sometimes I really have to dig in my mind to find the idea I’m looking for, sometimes the yarn inspires the project – and sometimes, it just happens. Back in November I was going to knit night in our then new knitting group in Mariestad & Skövde, and I didn’t have any projects in progress. I picked up two skeins of yarn that I wasn’t sure what I would use for, I spent about 2 minutes on Ravelry looking for inspiration, and then around 3 minutes thinking. That’s how long this design took to come to life. After that came of course a lot of tweaking and trying some different versions and techniques, but the basis was done.

I also ended up knitting it in an entirely different yarn in the end. It got so big that the initial yarn wasn’t enough (and with a handdyed yarn… yeah, you get it). My shawl took 5 skeins of Ullcentrum yarn, so I also decided to make a smaller version of it for the pattern, which my tester Bea knit up for me. The smaller one also came out beautiful! The small one uses 3 skeins of yarn.

Bukett is available on Ravelry.

If you want to join all the lovely people in my knit-along, you will find the KAL group here. The KAL will be running until July 31st.


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