Pony days

Yesterday was such a lovely sunny day and since we have an extended weekend this week we took the opportunity to go for a looong carriage drive around Södertälje.

The girls and the ponies were amazing, everyone was happy and giggly and the ponies were such champs doing everything we asked of them even though we were out for more than 5 hours.

I’m happy I brought the camera, and I put together a film of it this morning. Watch and join our fun!

Here are some photos as well. It really warms my heart when I see this little group of ponies and people, I’m such a proud pony owner and breeder to have these lovely ponies and also feel extremely privileged to have these people at hand!

The ponies are (from left to right) Jemma af Granbacka, Tunstas Jill, Jissa af Granbacka, Kompis Dagny, Jinna af Granbacka and Jippi af Granbacka – 4 of which I bred myself (Jemma, Jissa, Jinna, Jippi), 1 is an offspring of my breeding (Jill) and 3 of them are still mine (Jemma, Jissa, Dagny).


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