After all of my leaf shawls the past couple of years, I really needed a change (even if it turned out to be temporary!). So I set out to use one of the little charts I've been saving for years because I knew I would want it one day! Droppe is a garter stitch shawl… Fortsätt läsa Droppe



Finally released a shawl that I made already last winter and photographed back in April. It needed some proper tweaking, but now it's ready for the world! It's another short-row shawl with petals that look like little swords. Florett is available on Ravelry.


Completely forgot to put Klenod on the front page! This shawl was published in September. Klenod (Swedish for heirloom) is a shawl that looks like necklace diamonds. It is easy to knit with its short-rows and only ever one colour each row. Klenod is available on Ravelry.