My sister’s wedding

The past year has been as busy as ever, and my website has not been my main priority. Fortunately, I've been more productive on the knitting side and I've now added my new patterns to the store. This past August, my little sister Erika and her Simon got married. Not only was I their wedding… Fortsätt läsa My sister’s wedding



Here are some useful techniques in case you need to look them up when knitting my patterns. Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off Kitchener stitch/Osynliga maskstygn Knit 2 together (k2tog): Slip slip knit (ssk)/Lyft lyft sticka (LLS): Yarn over (yo)/Omslag (omsl): Knit 3 together (k3tog)/3 tillsammans (3tills): Centered double decrease (sl2k1psso)/Centrerad dubbelminskning… Fortsätt läsa Instructions

Yarn buttons

When I made my Oh-land pattern and knit the sample sweaters, I couldn't decide on any suitable buttons. I ended up trying a couple of different yarn button/covered button techniques, but I wasn't really happy with any of them. Here are some examples of different techniques: Covered buttons Dorset buttons/Blandford cartwheel (the first half is… Fortsätt läsa Yarn buttons